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Thread: Why no audio on my burns?

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    Default Why no audio on my burns?

    PLEASE SOMEONE THROW ME A BONE HERE!!I have Windows XP home, AMD 2200+ processor,512 mg RAM, 80 G hard drive. Polaroid CD, DVD,DVD-R, DVD-RW that reads and writes. Question is, (I'm using X-00M Movie Clone Gold 3 program) that when I take a movie file and burn it to a DVD-R I get the movie without audio. Sometimes the picture is choppy too.
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    Im not exactly sure what you are doing, but many times when I go to back up movies I will ONLY keep the 5.1 Dolby Digital, or DTS audio tracks for movies since I will only watch them in my living room. If I take one of those movies to the bedroom and try to watch it, the video is fine but no audio because I did not keep the stereo track from the original disc.

    So make sure when you are backing up the movie that you are keeping ALL of the available sound tracks on the original disc.

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