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Thread: Copy quality on Panasonic DMR-ES40V

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    Default Copy quality on Panasonic DMR-ES40V

    I dubbed an old VHS to DVD (4 hr tape to DVD LP mode) and it worked fine. The only problem is that the DVD was very washed out (Very bright Whites). The tape itself is much better on other players. I tried all different black adjustment on the ES40V but it still looks the same. Even playing the VHS video on the ES40V was worse. Does the ES40V actually try to compensate for an old tape? I was hoping for a better (watchable dvd). Thanks for any insights.

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    This happens sometimes when a tape is played on a player that it wasn't recorded on. You might try hooking another VCR up to the ES40V with a/v cords and see what happens. I have over 500 tapes that I'm going to be moving to dvd and this is what I've done.

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