I am using Tsunami Mpeg Encoder to convert my avi captured home movies to NTSC DVD, mpeg2. I have done about 30 hours worth of it with no problems.

I have been limiting my dvd's to about 2 hours because i only have a 80 g hdd. That makes about a 25 g file. Anyway, i got to looking on the encoding menu and it says that i can actually put like 620 minutes of video on a DVD + R.

First of all, is that a good idea? Does quality suffer?

Secondly i did go ahead and try encoding 2.5 hours this time. However, when i started to preview the output of the encoding process, the screen was very narrow and tall. IOW, it was out of proportion. I didn't do anyting to make this happen. I have made like 12 DVD's prior without this issue.

So why did this happen? Secondly, I changed the resolution to 720 x 480 and the output preview looked normal again. What should i have it set at? Like i sadi, i had never messed with it before.

Thanks for any tips. I need to learn more about all of these encoding settings. Jason