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Thread: BRAIN BUSTED over Flash Media vs Streaming Media

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    Default BRAIN BUSTED over Flash Media vs Streaming Media


    I've been beating myself up over selecting one streaming server... the choice is Flash or Windows Media.

    Both are good I think. I will embed a lot of my video into html pages, but both work. So, the question is... which streams better for large files.

    I've notice that flash sometimes stops and downloads a buffer before continuting... but I've seen windows media does that too! So,... my question is which one provides a constant stream better with smaller file size given equal quality? I want the best experience for my site visitors. And, yikes,... after reading everything I can get my hands on, talking to both companies, and searching discussion groups,... my brain is busted.

    Any help would be appreciated, any testing anyone?


    Busted Brain
    Please stop the throbbing

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    Use Windows Media because all Windows users have Windows Media Player but not everyone has Flash.
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