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Thread: cant run two internal burners at same time

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    Default cant run two internal burners at same time

    i was using an internal burner(toshiba/samsung) converted into external burner for about a year. then i started to produce a lot of coasters due to burn failures went through the entire reinstallation of burning and ripping software checked burner settings updated firmware nothing worked.
    bought a new pioneer burner 16x dual layer (as was the t/s) and decided to take out my dvd-rom and cd writer and install the two dvd drives.
    tried putting both in at the same time and my computer will only recognize the pioneer and i get an error message something like cannot launch. tried to put dvd in toshiba samsung drive still didn't recognize drive. i went through troubleshooting options reinstalling hardware using hardware wizard looked for firmware updates but there were none available.
    my next idea was to shut down unplug pioneer so i did and samsung worked perfectly burned a disc first try using nero. played a few files then tried to reboot this time with both connected got same error as original.
    so finally i unplugged samsung and just connected the pioneer and it worked perfectly too.
    from time to time i reboot with both drives connected but it never works.
    i ran an infotool log in nero but all it said was that my primary ide channel is empty and that my secondary ide channel had a pioneer dvd writer installed.
    i have posted on another forum but keep getting software suggestions but im sure this is a problem with my pc any help would be appreciated.

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    i guess i could sum up my post with:

    How do i designate one of drives as the master and the other as a slave drive and is that the only way to run two burners at once or is there some setting i need to adjust in order for the drives to be installed at the same time. the only setting i can find is the dma setting but nothing on how to assign or reassign channels. someone has mentioned pin settings but i thought that only pertains to hard drives. any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Well all you need to do is set the jumpers right and plug them into the right spot on the cables.
    Whew! I thought you wanted to to use both at the same time, we can do that, but it's complicated.

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    thanks chewy

    today is a good day i got my answer not only from you but from another forum also. pulled out instructions and have a good idea what i need to do. it will be great to have another drive to work with one drive is driving me nuts(no pun intented). i too often find myself in the middle of a project and my dvdrw is in use anyhow will take apart pc when get back from vacation im going to vegas in the morning.

    thanks again.

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