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Thread: Biting question about burning

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    Default Biting question about burning

    Does anybody know if there is any kind of correlation between increased system memory(RAM) and the quality of the burn? Was thinking about this for a while and noticed how much ram nero uses.

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    This is what works for me:

    I disconnect from the internet (with "local area connections).
    With Nortons, I block traffic, disable "Norton Internet Security", and disable "Anti-virus auto protect"
    I turn off my anti spyware
    I turn off my "Google accelerator"
    I then open process explorer to see what else is running. Usual msm messenger is on and I shut it off.

    When i do this, there is less chance of a process grabbing RAM by starting up.

    I have also limited my Nero RAM to 80 Mb in options instead of ultra buffer.

    A couple of times I had Nortons and my antispyware turn on automatically during a burn. Right at start up of the other applications (during a burn) is a spike of errors. See this thread:

    Here is some other good reading:,RSS,00.asp

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