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Thread: ran movie twice????

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    Question ran movie twice????

    Hi,if I already transfer a movie,when through the encoding and got it in a file,but then the burning didn't go.To burn it again,do I have to run it again through the dvd shrink??(analizyng,encoding)I would end having the movie twice.(when opening the folder they are about 30 VTS files).Any ideas?? Thanks

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    Did you try to burn with Nero, DVD Decrypter, or ImgBurn?

    As DVD Shrink processes, it saves the output to your hard drive. When Shrink burns, it calls Nero, DVD Decrypter, or ImgBurn to burn it.

    The output is on your hard drive. Just use the original burning program to reburn it. If you used Nero and just recently upgraded to, click on the "Cannot Connect TRF" in my signature and fix your computer.

    To burn manually with Nero, click here:

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