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Thread: Problems burning with Power2Go

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    Default Problems burning with Power2Go

    Hello there
    I just got a secondary laptop with DVD RW of course in it but it doesnt have Nero in it. I saved the files thru Shrink, etc but when trying to burn it with Power2Go-- it doesnt recognize the files as a video project.

    Just tryed it now as a data project and it burned with the ifo, bup and mpeg files.

    The only problem is when it goes to the next MPEG file, it is not seemless; a blank part shows on screen a few secs then resumes to the "2nd" MPEG file and I can hear the ROM making that noise it usually does when first placed in the laptop.

    I guess this means this program, Power2Go, is useless to burn with? and that I need Nero?

    I wonder if I can get my basic Nero thats on one laptop to another somehow.

    Anyways any thoughts on having a seamless backup using the Power2Go program?

    thank you in advance!

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    is everything!


    I'd suggest a freeware alternative - DVD Decrypter.

    From DVD Shrink - Backup - Select Backup Target - ISO Image File and Burn with DVD Decrypter


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