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Thread: Codec problems - after encoding: black screen

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    Default Codec problems - after encoding: black screen


    this is my first post here. I registered just to ask this question

    Well, my problem:

    I downloaded various codec-packs over the last 2 years or so (incl. BoliGego Codec Manager, Codecs AllinOne, SLDCodecpack etc.). Since one week or so, I have problems playing avi-files with WMP (no problem to play avi with VLC Videoplayer). And in TMPGEnc, I have problems opening avis and (since today) mpegs as source-files.

    I played with the settings a little and can now open mpeg and avi again, but if I play those files, I only see a black screen, but the Mediaplayer shows the time of the file. If I play mpgs, I can hear the sound, but have a black screen too.

    Is there a way to get rid of all codecs I installed?

    Can anyone help?

    Thx, that would be appreciated.


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    Best way is to re-install windows. There are plenty of codec/filter management utils though that you could try.

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    add/remove programs would be the first thing to try, though it rarely works well. otherwise radlight filter manager or similar to unregister the codecs-- don't touch anything unless you know what you're doing.

    best way, as stated above, is a format & clean install
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