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Thread: Trouble Reading DVD-RW

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    I have a video on a DVD-RW that I burned using a DVD recorder. Why can't my DVD writer drive on my computer play it back?? My drive says that it reads all formats. what's wrong?? I also finalized the disk in the DVD recorder??



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    Did you record this in video mode?
    A lot of problems like this are media related. Your drive doesn't like the brand you put in, or your drives firmware might not be up to date. You can go search the drive manufactures web site to see if the brand of media is supported or you can go to and search to see if your drive has the latest firmware. To find out what version you have, open DvdDecrypter and select tools> drive> check for firmware updates. A little window opens and tells you what you have. When you click OK, it takes you to the above site. This might not solve your problem, but it's as good a place as any to start. Hope this helped you.
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    Some of those dvd recorders do not record in compatable formats for other stand alone players or computers.

    Some have different setting to write the dvd with you will have to go through your ownder manual to find the correct setting.

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