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Thread: Burning a dl with pgcedit

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    Talking-2 Burning a dl with pgcedit

    I'm wondering why i get better burns on my dl's using PgcEdit rather than reading it as an iso file with DVDD and burning it back with Imgburn. By the way thanks to les for the great guide on how to do it: (hey if you have a spare moment it could be updated as the first time it took a few minutes to figure out how it works with the newer version of pgcedit and imgburn)
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    Yes, I have been planning to update it to take account of the new setup. Will do this weekend, if I have a minute.

    PgcEdit makes an ISO that is perfectly aligned (which is not necessarily how the studio authors it). However, a straight ISO read/write should still be a good copy and no worse than any other.


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