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Thread: Encoding/Burning Problems. Nero 7

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    Default Encoding/Burning Problems. Nero 7

    Hello, I'm new here, i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but here goes.
    I recently downloaded a few tv show episodes that I want to burn onto a video dvd to view in my home dvd player. My burning software is Nero 7. The video's I've downloaded are in AVI format. The subprogram in Nero 7 that I use to burn these AVI's is 'Nero Vision'. I like using Nero Vision because it let me customize my menues, etc. I've tried burning these episoded a number of times on Nero and I've gotten the same problem every time, the problem is: After Nero finishes encoding and burning the dvd, I am only able to view about 20% of the dvd on my home player. The rest of the dvd is choppy, distorted and unviewable. I've tried it in different home players but with no luck. The weird part is, if i take the dvd and put it in my computer dvd player, it plays just fine!
    Now, I've had this problem before with Nero, it had made my dvd's unviewable in the past, but i was able to fix the error by re-burning the project at a slower Write speed. However, this solution hasn't worked for this current project. I'm really not too sure why i'm getting this problem.
    I'm wondering if anyone out there can suggest a different method of burning this project, and/or give me a reason as to why this problem is occurring. Would it help if i converted/encoded the AVI's to a different format before transfering them to Nero Vision, and if so, can someone recommend a software? THANKS GUYS

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    Nero 7 Nerovision is buggy.

    1st make sure your Nero is up to date as new Nero Vision was released. Get it here.

    There are some wonderful tools in the reauthoring forum here

    Good luck and do some reading. Someone with better experience will be along to help you!

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