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Thread: Nothing's Burning - Please Help

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    Default Nothing's Burning - Please Help

    Folks, I'm literally on the verge of tears here. I just spent about $200 on new DVDs of TV programs and I can't burn any of them. I've gone through most of the threads and FAQ and can't find an answer. I may have just missed it, but I don't think so.

    I'll use Facts of Life for an example, but I've had this problem with the last 6 DVDs I've tried to backup, incliding Waiting, Chumscrubber, Boston Legal, and Red Dwarf.

    I use PgcEdit for all of my ripping to avoid having to go back and redo it.

    I've tried using DVD Decypter for my burning, but I switched back to Nero. I know most people say not to use Nero and to use DVDD instead, but I've never had a problem with Nero and I'm more comfortable with it.

    On to the problem. Everything rips. It all analyzes and encodes. Then it burns. Or it says it's burning. I wait for however long it takes without any other programs running. Eventually, I get the message that the DVD has burned and that the files are saved to my harddrive.

    But when I go to check the DVD, it comes out blank every time! Every stinkin' time! I've gone through about 15 DVDs already and now have a nice stack of useless DVDs waiting to be used for Christmas decorations.

    Does this sound familiar and does anyone have any suggestions?

    I did upgrade to the latest Nero like someone suggested in another thread. They also suggest something about BSOY, but when I tried that, I kept getting a "page cannot be displayed error" when I tried to download.

    I can post my Nero log, but I don't know if it will help since it says my burn was successful.

    Can anyone help me before I give up and throw my computer through a window?


    ps - I ask for a lot of help and never have answers for anyone, so I apologize. If anyone ever needs advice on EMT stuff or writing or Live Journal stuff, feel free to ask since that's all I know lol.

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    Please do post a log. Even though it shows a successful burn, sometimes there are clues as to why the failure occured. Hang in there the collective knowledge of the forum will get you through this.

    If you need assistance in posting the log, check the FAQ section in the Dvd Shrink forum for instructions.

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    starting a new thread is not the answer,

    thread locked
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    is everything!


    You tell 'em big guy!

    gilmore - go back to DVD Decrypter and throw that useless bloated POS Ner0 in the trash where it belongs.


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