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Thread: Panasonic dmr-hs2 problem hard drive

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    Default Panasonic dmr-hs2 problem hard drive


    I have (foolishly!) bought a 2nd hand My Dmr-hs2 which doesn't work in the hope of getting it working.

    After turning it on, the display shows a spinning disc for about 10 seconds and then shows 'bye' and turns off. It doesn't matter whether it is set on hdd or dvd.

    Any suggestions?

    I have put the hdd into a usb cradle and after setting the drives jumpers (should any of them be set to work with the dmrhs2?) it talks to the pc, just to prove its not completely dead. Is it worth formatting it using the pc to see if that works and hence eliminate the possiblity of a dud hard disk?

    I have read various forums for how to factory default it etc but none work - the machine seems to hang and not respond to anything except the power button (and thats only after holding it down for a while!).

    Thanks in advance

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    Strangely my HS2 did this exact same thing this week. While watching a recording it completely froze and had to be unplugged. Then it went in to the same cycle as yours.

    When I connected the HD up to a PC, it prevents the PC booting, so I guess it's dead. I swapped it with another I had lying around from an old PC and it works fine.

    The HS2 formats the disc when it detects the change. I guess removing the partition on your HS2 drive and replacing it would do the same (of course you lose the contents of the drive).

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