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Thread: HELP: VHS to DVD problem,

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    Default HELP: VHS to DVD problem,

    Hi I have a Magnavox DVD player/Burner. And I have no problems recording tv programs to DVD, I attempted to record Sling Blade that was on VHS, and it gives me a recording error E25 protected material cannot be recorded. This is after I recorded Triple X from VHS to DVD without any problems. Does anyone know how to fix this or a bypass around the copy right on the VHS.

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    Unfortunately, all dvd recorder units have the copy protection circuitry built in, which prevents copyrighted vhs tapes or dvd's from being recorded to a blank dvd. However, there is an alternative...

    Click on the 2nd link in my signature. The Sima link. This is a little grey box that plugs between a vcr and a dvd recorder, or from the vhs video out and into the record input on a combo unit. This effectively removes the macrovision and will allow you to dub over your vhs to a dvd. Its use falls under the Fair Use act, thus is perfectly legal for home backup purposes. It also works from dvd to dvd. The unit has both RCA composite and SVideo connectors for both in and output. It will also accept PAL input, and has a select switch to choose between PAL or NTSC output.

    Happy dubbing.
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