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    I just got a new DVD Recorder a Magnavox (really made by funai) Model #mwr10d6

    I got the new one with the recorder options since I travel and miss some of my fav shows. But.....
    Now my dvds which I have backed up using my laptop and Nero 7 software do not play. I have the correct type of DVD disc it requires. The disc play on my computer and the old DVD Player but not the new one. The only thing I have been to figure out is that the DVD Recorder finalizes the disk before it will play. Any suggestions on what to do to get my backup copies to work? I have kids who play the disk often and they tend to scratch up the the backups...
    Does anyone have any help they know of which I can do?
    I can only make backups with the laptop DVD player and my exteral burner.


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    Welcome to the forum,
    Are you saying that the backups used to play but now no long play?
    If that is what is happening, it is more then likely due to poor quality media.

    Bad media wont last long. See the golden rules of burning in my sig.

    Do your backup play on any stand alone DVD player?
    Do they still play on your computer?

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    Open your nero and go to the tool kit and click the disc info tab, with one of your backups in, and post the info of one for us. See the attached file. Up on the top right you will see a button that looks like a disc, click it and it will save the file for you. Then when you post click the "Go Advanced" and Then "Manage Attachments" buttons and upload The info to your post.
    You failed to mention the type of media you use +/-. You may need to bitset to dvd-rom as some players are picky about what they play, even if it is listed on the box.
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    I have a VHS/DVD-R/+R DL recorder. The finalizing you are talking about is so that the DVD's you record with it will play in another player. The recorder itself will play the DVD's you make with it whether or not they have been finalized. This is so you can add more to the DVD at a later time before finalizing.

    Why you burned disc do not play is strange, because mine (but it is a Sony) will play even the worst of my burns. I have 6 DVD players in my house and it is the only one that will play a few burns that I made on some really bad media. Is your recorder a single format recorder, what formats does it record to?

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