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Thread: What determines the ultra DMA mode level settings?

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    Default What determines the ultra DMA mode level settings?

    Is the ultra DMA mode level settings determined by the optical drive itself or is the size of the CPU (resources) a factor to determine the ultra DMA mode setting level.

    Current setup:
    AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    2191 MHZ
    1.0 gb ram
    All IDE cables are 40 pin, 80 leads

    IDE connections:
    primary IDE master Plextor 760A (ultra DMA mode 4)
    primary IDE slave Vacant

    secondary IDE master Plextor 708A (ultra DMA mode 2)
    secondary IDE slave Vacant

    SATA connections;
    primary 120 gb hard drive
    secondary Plextor 716SA (ultra DMA mode 6)

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    dma was developed to relieve cpu use during transfers, it's handled by the
    ide controller chipset so cpu speed does not impact dma significantly.
    DMA 2 at 33MB/s exceeds any sustained transfer from any optical drive.
    At 33MB/s we are talking 24X burn or read speeds, kind of hard to get the disks spinning that much faster, on that sata drive I wouldn't even want to be in the same room with it trying to spin 5 times faster.
    Now burst over interface is another story, the dma 4(100MB/s) will give you an extra 66+MB/s, but the cache on the drive will only hold 1/30 of a second's transfer.

    smoke and mirrors but sounds nice

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