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Thread: Humm NANDub, mumble mumble...

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    Question-2 Humm NANDub, mumble mumble...

    Hmm after reading a few posts about nandub i decided to take a look at it...
    Seems good but it also seems I cant encode directly from VoBs, it lets me open avi and "coded" files: am I wrong?

    Question 1 {The most important }
    If so how do I get the Vobs in?

    I am also trying some 800MB CD-R to make bigger films fit in

    Question 2
    do u now where to find a list of CDroms that support such disks?
    I know which CD-Recorders do but not the readers...

    Question 3
    Which is the minimum size of a video for it to be playable on a TV 640 is fine, 576 is fine how much downwards can i still go?

    ( Im finishing clockwork orange right now... Kubrick rulez!!)
    Thanks guys!!


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    1) I suggest that you take a look at GordianKnot

    2) I don't have clue...

    3) Thats up to you, personally I almost always go for 2-CD rips, so I usually don't go below 640 and often go for a full 704. With 1- CD rips selecting the right res is often a difficult decision, the compressability test in GordianKnot will help you with this. But at one point or another you will have to chooses between loosing details or getting macroblocks.
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    Talking Thx m8!

    I had to squeeze it in a 480 x 320 or something like it but got it all in and its fine on the telly
    Thats 2:11 of video in 697 MB!!!

    It takes a long time for fine tuning !!!
    Hope i can return the favor.


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