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Thread: How to make a DVD using NERO 7 Burning ROM

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    Default How to make a DVD using NERO 7 Burning ROM


    Open Nero SmartStart and select Nero Burning Rom

    Two windows will open, you will close the top window so we can do a little configuring.

    In the next open window choose your recorder...

    a new window will open

    Select your DVD +/-RW drive, then in the bottom left hand corner click on the options button. If your burner supports booktyping you will be able to select DVD-ROM in the drop down menu if you are using DVD+R blank media. If your burner does not support this function, this option should be greyed out and unavailable for you to choose. DVD+R is the only format which is capable of being booktyped, do not try this with DVD-R' will not work. To learn more about what booktyping is read here:

    Click OK to exit this window and return to Burning Rom's main window and select NEW...

    then select DVD as your project type and DVD-ISO etc. as the type of file you are going to burn. Under the mulitsession tab, tick the option that reads no multisession

    Open the burn tab to select the speed which you want to burn your disc. Insert a blank DVD into your burners and tray and close tray, wait for your blank media to be recognized and then select your burn speed.

    To select your files for burning click the open button.

    The browse to your image files on your HDD...Once you have located and opened the folder which contains your video files, right click and "select all" and then right click again and "copy to compilation".

    Once you have the files selected for burning click on the Burn icon...

    and kickback and wait for your nice shiney new DVD to finish burning
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