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Thread: firmware?

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    Cool firmware?

    Is it really necessary to update your firmware? Can someone provide me a link explaining what exactly firmware is or explain it themselves? I've had my dvd burner for almost a year, haven't updated any firmware (as far as I know), and haven't run into any problems that the Wizard or, more recently, RipIt4Me hasn't been able to handle. Any thoughts? Mucho thanks in advance!

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    This might help.

    In a nut shell to me, using the most up to date firmware on a burner allows the device to use the most current available discs and can improve the performance of the drive.

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    firmware is basicly a library of writing strategies that the drive has for media. being 1 year old it would probably be a good idea to update it as newer media is being made. the point is to get better burns. this is a very basic description. what is your drive model # and current firmware? perhaps you can post a burn log.
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    Open up dvd decrypter and click on tools, drive and then at the bottom click on check for firmware updates. It will tell what version of firmware u currently have and then take u to the firmware page and tell u what the latest firmware is for u. Hope this helps.

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    Just adding to the above advice.

    If you choose to flash, do it from safe mode with no disc in drive.

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    I would be afraid NOT to update my firmware, either from the factory website or a modified hacked version, would be better than using an OUTDATED firmware version.

    Firmware updates typically do the following:

    1. Remove existing bugs, and sometimes add new bugs.
    2. Upgrade the optical drive for the use of new DVD media and sometimes increase the speed of existing media.

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