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Thread: Simpler Burn Program

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    Default Simpler Burn Program

    Nero7 works but it's too complicated. After DVDD->DVDShrink-> save "movie only" to HD, I burn the movie to DVD with Nero7. I don't think I've ever clicked on Nero's buttons the same way twice, but I usually get a good burn, EVENTUALLY. I have accumulated several shiny new coasters, however.

    I don't use Nero7 often enough to really understand it. I only use one of its many capabilities. I dupe the kids' new DVDs basically, the "movie only", and only those they really like. (The ones that are always getting beat up, of course.)

    Is there a simpler version of Nero that will burn "movie only" files to DVD? Like Nero 5.XXX? Or some other program? As long as it's simple.

    I tried using DVDD to burn the "movie only" to DVD. More coasters. The instructions that you have to burn the whole enchilada with DVDD are apparently correct. But that's the kind of program I'm looking for. Straight forward. Simple to understand.


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    I use Nero and have my DVD Burner as the target in Shrink with Shrink set to burn with Nero.I don't hafta click buttins in Nero it does it automatically for me.

    I think the Nero auto burning from Shrink stopped with I don't have Nero 7.

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    Forget Nero and get ImgBurn (Google it), its made by the author of DVDD .... it is as GREAT as RipIt4Me ........

    Edit: Nero 7 is a resource HOG !!!!

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