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Thread: RipIt4Me again Crash and UNBURN

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    Question-2 RipIt4Me again Crash and UNBURN


    Usually use 1 Click. For the last few weeks, program goes through all the steps, defrag, FixVTS, preview, everything. Finishes by saying that the burn has completed. Insert dvd into 2 separate individual players and both cannot play dvd. These are both Sony DVD players. I have used Imation-RW, Imation-R, Philips-R, Memorex.

    I'm going crazy I have also gotten the update that RipIt4Me says is available.

    Please help. It is like the program is neglecting to burn something on the DVD to help the player pick it up.

    H E L P ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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    try some decent media like verbatim + and booktype it find out how by clicking here,

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    nightflier, you have already been warned about crossposting and your other threads have been deleted/merged. please observe rule #11, start one more thread on this issue and you will be banned
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