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Thread: DVD burning software

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    Default DVD burning software

    My brother-in-law sent me the software disc for interVideo DVD Copy 5. I was looking for 123 Studios, and I asked him about that.

    Right now I'm using DVD Decryptor, then Nero Recode 2, and my results are good. It's just that he was getting even sharper DVD burns.

    Your comments please.


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    You could use Shrink instead of Nero Recode. Set for Deep Analysis. This will take a bit longer to process.
    Use Imgburn to burn @4x speed. Don't forget disk quality is very, very important.
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    @tonyboy. if your Brother in Law is using intervideo copy 5 and is actually working for him( lucky man he is, believe me) then of course his backups look better than yours. intervideo, when it works( not too many have the luck), is the best transcoder in terms of quality output. now, i would stick with Recode2, it is faster and produces better quality than shrink, a little better.

    you can set Recode2 for for deep analysis and a better AEC. search in here on how to do so.
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    If you like to use dvd decrypter you will love the new program RipIt4me.

    The link is in my sig if you want to give it a try. There is also a free program called IMGburn, which is also free and awesome for burning backups.

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    It was "321 Studios", and they got shut down & sold. Their software (DVD-X-Copy) was never that great, but it was as close to 1-Click as anyone ever got.

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