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Thread: Boosting audio on PSP video

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    Default Boosting audio on PSP video

    Hi eveyone.

    Please forgive me as I am very new to this, so any help would be appreciated.

    I have recently purchased a 2GB memory stick for my PSP, and now enjoying movies on the go.

    The question I have for everyone is do I increase the audio volume in the encoded file.

    I catch a train to work most mornings and have trouble hearing the audio of a converted file.

    The software I use are:
    Step 1: DVD decripter
    Step 2: PSP Video 9

    I would appreciate any help regarding this.

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    welcome to the forum

    IIRC PSP video 9 is capable of normalization, should boost volume to the levels you need

    for boosting volume in an already encoded file, demux streams with YAMB, apply gain with aacgain (or re-encode with behappy, belight etc) and mux back to mp4
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