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Thread: Problem Burning DVDs

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    Default Problem Burning DVDs

    Hi, i'm new to the forums and new to the burning DVD thing. I'm having trouble burning DVDs, with Nero. The process i go through is, Ripit4Me, fixVTS, then DVDshrink, then i attempt to use Nero to burn it and it won't let me. I have succesfully used it once but not since. It will either say something about it not being able to move the proper files, or one file is too large for nero to burn, even though the file is under to gigs. Thanks for the help and i'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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    Could you post that Nero burn log?

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    Try this process - it works for me without fail.

    PGCEdit (w/PSL2 plugin as needed)
    VOBBlanker (if needed)
    Shrink (if needed)

    Posting your system specifics will probably get you some answers faster. Something like this maybe:

    It's a free program, but there are other free ones.

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