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Thread: Verbatim Dual Layer Deals

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    Default Verbatim Dual Layer Deals

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    Pretty cheap huh ? ? ?

    I haven't burned a single DL yet, I saw this via email specials, thought about getting some. Come in handy for the A+ movies than I wouldn't have to split across 2 discs to maintain no compression.

    At that price which is best I can remember it's still the cost 7X more than the SL TY's I've been. Just got some SL Thermal's .... 23 cents a piece !

    THX for the heads up ..

    BTW: The AlienX mobo is still at Asus ... says "Repair" on the website with no ship date

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    Picked up 100.....should hold me for awhile.....

    Use them to keep all extras...with no compression on important titles.

    Great to see the price finally starting to come down...a little.

    Thanks for watchin out for us...Chewy


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