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Thread: what is oem

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    Default what is oem

    i was going to buy a 2nd dvd burner pioneer 111d it is oem what does this mean?and do i connect the audio cable from this new drive to what? because my other drive samsung is connected to the mobo

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    that definition of "oem" usually means no cable, screws? or software

    all recent optical drives support digital extraction of audio, I haven't used an audio cable in years

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    Chewy is correct but I was board and wanted to look up the definition of OEM
    OEM (pronounced as separate letters) Short for original equipment manufacturer, which is a misleading term for a company that has a special relationship with computer producers. OEMs are manufacturers who resell another company's product under their own name and branding. While an OEM is similar to a VAR (value-added reseller), it refers specifically to the act of a company rebranding a product to its own name and offering its own warranty, support and licensing of the product. The term is really a misnomer because OEMs are not the original manufacturers; they are the customizers.

    Contrast with IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor).

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