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    Hi everyone

    I am new to all this burning stuff - so I really have no idea what I'm doing but eager to learn.

    Well I just borrowed The Break Up from my friend and when I went to burn it on my DVD Shrink 3.2 it came up with an error message. I presume now the DVDs have a block on them to prevent people coping the movies.

    Is there anything I can do to burn this DVD? Is there any other software to use if DVD shrink cant do it. I download RipIt4Me - I have no idea how to use but it didnt work either.

    I'm very new to this so any suggestion would be great (Pls explain it like you are talking to a 2 yr old HA!HA!)

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    Well I just borrowed The Break Up from my friend
    I am sorry, but we can only help with DVDs that you own.

    Please observe rule 6.


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