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Thread: Nero CD-DVD Speed released

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    Default Nero CD-DVD Speed released

    For those that didn't know this was released 2 days ago

    Nero CD-DVD Speed released!

    • Added Advanced Disc Quality test for certain BenQ drives
      Following parameters are measured:
      CD: E11,E21,E31,E12,E22,E32,BLER,Jitter
      DVD: 1-5 PIE,PIE,PIF,POE,POF,Jitter
    • Disc Quality test:
      • Jitter can be reported with recent LiteOn drives
      • Added CLV and P-CAV settings for BenQ drives (CD scanning)
      • Added Advanced options button
    • Replaced 'Write and Verify' option by 'Streaming' option
    • Bitsetting: improved support for NEC drives
    • Small improvements and bug fixes

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    Thank you BR7!!

    I updated my signature.

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