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Thread: .VOB "sometimes" plays in DVD player

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    Unhappy .VOB "sometimes" plays in DVD player

    I've have an enigma.

    Sometimes .vob files that I convert to .iso files and then burn onto a DVD+R CD (via Roxio) play and other times don't on my home DVD player.

    Does anyone know why this is so?

    Also, the same DVD that doesn't play on the home DVD player works perfectly fine on my computer's DVD player. What gives?

    On a side note, I read somewhere that the VIDEO_TS file should also have a AUDIO_TS file that can be empty. Could this be the reason why some of my DVDs aren't playing in the home DVD player?

    Thanks in advance forum peeps!

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    is everything!


    Read and implement the Golden Rules of Burning.

    Usually media, firmware and speed related. Empty AUDIO_TS is correct. I would not use Roxio though - change to ImgBurn (free).


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    Great advice! Thanks a bunch.

    I totally agree with you on Nero. I herd so much good stuff about it that I installed it but with the recent issues with DVD burning, I'm back to Roxio and ImgBurn.

    Thanks again!

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