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Thread: Blank DVD being seen as Audio CD

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    Default Blank DVD being seen as Audio CD

    Here is the problem. Every time I put a blank DVD in my burner Windows ME recognizes it as an "Audio CD" And if I didn't have Auto-Insert turned off for audio cd's My default CD player would load up to find nothing. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember (2 minutes LOL) and have done google search's trying to find a cure for this with no luck. My burner is a LG GSA-4120B with current firmware of coarse. And I have tried all the media types this drive supports +R , -R, +DVDRW, +R DL and it makes no difference. The only time I don't have this problem is when I put in a blank DVDRAM. Have a look at the attachment. My E: is my burner with a blank 8X +R in it.
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