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Thread: Newbie needs help about "SD" and "Memory Stick" inputs on DVD Recorder.

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    Smile Newbie needs help about "SD" and "Memory Stick" inputs on DVD Recorder.

    I am very interested in purchasing a Panasonic DMR-EH75VS DVD recorder/VCR combo with 80GB Harddrive. Among many things, this unit will allow me to record from my DVtape camcorder-- and from VCR tapes, to DVD disks. However, as a bonus, this unit has a "SD" input port that allows for the input of pictures from a digital camera's storage medium. Apparently you can input the pictures from the digital camera's storage medium and record them to a DVD disk for storage and/or playback as a "picture/slide show" (I am sure that terminolgy is wrong). One Large Problem: I have a Sony digital camera that uses "Memory Stick Duo" memory device. Question: Is there some way that I can input my digital camera pictures from my "Memory Stick" medium--into the "SD" input port of the DMR-EH75VS DVD Recording unit? ---E.g., is there some sort of adaptor-- or converter. Since I am very new to the DV camcorder and DVD recorder world---please be gentle---please don't confuse me with technical terms. If you have some sort of adaptor or process that can be used, please give a specific manufacturer and a specific model number so I can go to a website and get information. ----Or, simply say, "it's a hopeless situation." ----Thanks for any response and information. ---jaes.

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    You can buy a multi type card reader/writer that plugs into your computer USB port. From there you can move your pics to almost any type of cards/sticks that cameras use.
    They are pretty cheap too. Just make sure you buy the reader & writer kind. Some will just “read” SD/Sticks,etc,etc.

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