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Thread: Copy Mini-DV tape to DVD without camera

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    Default Copy Mini-DV tape to DVD without camera

    My JVC Mini-DV camera no longer works, and I now have an Everio Hard Drive camera. Is there a device that will copy my Mini-DV tapes to a digital video recorder, without having to use the camera for playback? My alternative would be to buy an inexpensive Mini-DV camera to just use for playback, but that doesn't sound logical. If I have to go that route, I would need one that has a firewire connection. What is the best solution for me to be able to save the movies that I have recorded to Mini-DV tapes?

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    Believe it or not, most playable Mini-DV players are much more expensive than your JVC Mini-DV camcorder. Just take a look at the site below:


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