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Thread: I canít Burn a DVD to play on my DVD Player

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    Default I canít Burn a DVD to play on my DVD Player

    I canít Burn a DVD to play on my DVD Player using Nero Burning ROM V 6.6. I get as far as DVD-Video but there is no Box under the Character List called Joliet to Check, I do see Relax Joliet restrictions with a Box under that called Allow more than 64 characters for Joliet names but itís Grayed Out. Is there something else I need to download?
    Iím trying to Burn a 694mb Video Clip to CD or DVD to play in my DVD player to watch on TV.
    Thanks in advance, Mike.

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    If your player is divx/mpeg4/avi capable then you just burn the file on a cd or several on a dvd as data disks, not video ones

    to convert you use nero vision express to make dvd compliant mpeg2 files then burn a video dvd with rom

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