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Thread: Drive doesn't recognise dvd-r

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    Default Drive doesn't recognise dvd-r

    I recently installed (then uninstalled) a version of Roxio Easy CD DVD Burning software. After some problems, I returned the software (Yes, I convinced the retailer that it didn't work). I bought Media Now CD & DVD Burning suite. Works fine EXCEPT that now (maybe Roxio's fault) my drive doesn't recognize DVD-Rs, not even discs I had burned with this drive two weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated so that I can once again burn dvd-r discs.

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    Run Roxio Zap to try and remove Rixios tentacles from your computer. Ccleaner.

    Probably won't cure your inability to read the DVD's you have already burned, but may clear up the recognition of DVD's in your drive.

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    welcome to the forum

    you've probably made the mess that roxio made worse with that other software, not very well known at all.

    uninstall it too and then let's see if nero can fix it, they have a free driver cleaner tool

    I would see if the retailer would take back that new software and see if he has a dvd burner that comes with nero(best way to buy it)

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