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Thread: Is there a way to burn only part of a DVD?

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    Default Is there a way to burn only part of a DVD?

    Heres the story..

    My friend and I trade dvds with each other, some of the ones I get from him are older. Those dvd's I can play but I cant copy for some reason. It seems when it gets to the very end, shrink can analyze it to the very end but then stops. Ive tried DVD FAb and DVD Decrypter to try to fix it and get error messages at about 92% mark. DVD shrink takes it to about 99% then fails.

    My question is , is there anyway to just analyze or burn 98% percent of it? because the end of the DVD I dont need anyway because its commercials and what not.

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    welcome to the forum,
    we only support backing up dvd's that you own, not your friend's back ups.
    thread closed

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