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Thread: backing up a backup

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    Default backing up a backup

    If I backed up my dvd and the backup is running fine...then my original dvd gets damaged...can I use my backup to create another back up of the dvd? Does the backed up copy run just as an original, and do I use the same process that I used taking the original bought dvd to create the back up, as I would to use the back up to create a second back up? Sorry if this is confusing, but I can't explain it any better

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    it will be the same as long as you did full disc. you may have trouble making a copy sometimes if it was a crappy burn on shabby media. all you need to make a copy is dvd decrypter, nero, or even dvd shrink.
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    Anything that is on a CD or DVD disk (origional or source disk) and you make the 1st copy with a good quality burn and on good quality media and the 1st copy turned out OK with good quality results.

    Then you can take the 1st copy (now the source copy) and make another copy (copy 2) and you should not have any problems.

    I do this with outdated software called Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 using the Disc Copy mode. Burn time only on my machine 6-8 minutes for a DVD-5 disk.

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