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Thread: staxrip entire dvd

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    Default staxrip entire dvd

    I would like to rip an entire DVD (That is, not only the main feature,
    but all titles, all audio tracks, all subtitletracks, all angles (if there are any)) to a matroska container (let's say eqivalent to DVDSHRINK, only from DVD->Matroska, not DVD9->DVD5). I have been looking a bit for a tool to do that, and stumbled over staxrip. However, all the guides I have found only seem to describe the rip of one title. Is that so? Is there a possibility to do what I want, with one nice app, or do I have to fiddle around with ripping every single title and then manually squeeze all files in one matroska file?
    Ah yes, and the menus. I read that matroska supporst menus, and dvdextractor is nice to extract those, but I didn' t find any guide which details that....
    Thanks for your help,
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