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Thread: Compressing H.264 = Help!

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    Exclamation-2 Compressing H.264 = Help!

    Hello People!

    I am new in this matter. H.264-
    I was wondering what are the best tools for compressing H.264 videos,without losing the least quality as possible.And its always good to know the easiest way lads

    See..I have this file that it is 900MB.I desperately need to cut it down to..lets say 100MB for streaming ideals.And resize the 320x240 to 222x182 preferly. The thing is that i want it to look the best as possible..

    So far the original video that i encoded works as a charm ^^


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    I wouldn't recommend QuickTime, you could get better quality for instance using x264 to encode, however the most efficient settings would mean High Profile, which QuickTime doesn't support. Quicktime also doesn't support HE/PS aac which could help save space on the audio.

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    is everything!



    As you are aware, SW3, Revenge of the Sith is copyrighted material. Making a backup in any form for your personal use is fine but in order for you to stream it, even over a private network, would be in breach of fair use.

    So, I am sorry to say, that we will not be able to help you further on this.

    Please see rule 6.


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