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Thread: Xmpeg error #418# "There was a problem loading the . . . . .

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    Default Xmpeg error #418# "There was a problem loading the . . . . .

    Xmpeg error #418# "There was a problem loading the . . . . .

    Iím having some major problems with Xmpeg. I keep getting an error every time I try to start it that says . . .

    #418# "There was a problem loading the plugins or output plugins were found. Please, check the installation and read the manual."

    The thing is that Iíve had this program running on my PC long before this error started coming up. It was right after I started messing with the audio codec but since then Iíve reinstalled everything and because that did nothing I even formatted the whole damb drive.

    Someone please through me bone here cause Iím at the end of my rope and just about to snap. Hereís a link to the only other post I found about this, maybe itíll help. Anything would be much appreciated.

    ALSO: already tried all different versions of the program

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    clossed due to crossposting

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