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Thread: How to format the subtitling?

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    Default How to format the subtitling? Anyone - Please?

    I'm new with the software and in default the subtitling is aligned in center position and also the margins are to tight.
    How do I change this?
    I have tried the format settings but the changes does not apply on my files.
    I am planning to save my projects as SST-files for SonicReel DVD.
    I tried to save it as SSA-file and made changes in SSA-settings but with no result.
    Thank's in advance,
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    Default Succeeded to import to ReelDVD but...

    I have succeeded in importing the subtitles to Sonic ReelDVD. I had to save the file as SRT and then convert it in Subtitles Creator 2.2 (Freeware) to SST files. This program makes the needed BMP-files for ReelDVD.

    I still have the problem with center aligned text to solve. The SRT-file from Media Subtitler is centered...

    If anyone has a solution for me how to get it left aligned I would be very happy.

    Regards, Jussi

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    That depends on what program you use to display the subs. SRT is a format that has no alignment information whatsoever.

    On DivXLand Media Subtitler, only SSA and SAMI can be customized to be aligned left, right, or center.

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