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Thread: Crashing Problems

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    Default Crashing Problems

    I just downloaded the newest version of DivXLand everytime I open a certain video it'll either crash or it'll say about the format might not be supported. Now I didn't have any problem opening them before with the older version but this one is giving me problems.
    ^When I open up a AVI formated video. This will show up
    and then when I close that box it crashes DivX
    ^When I open wmv or mpg/mpeg format. I'd get this pop up.
    Some wmv video opens and the most the rest doesn't. So I
    think it's very strange.

    Thanks for the help.

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    What Windows Media Player version do you have? This must be a problem with codecs or filters you have installed... anyway, try this:

    1. Totally uninstall the program and delete the Program Files\DivXLand\Media Subtitler folder.
    2. Go to Start > Run and type 'regedit'. Find the group HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Andres Solutions\Media Subtitler and delete it entirely.
    3. Reinstall the program and retry to open the files.

    Also, if you have the VobSub filter installed, disable it (this can be done from the Media Subtitler's Settings dialog) or directly uninstall the VobSub filter.

    Let me know if you can solve the problem.

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    Windows Media Player 11 is what I have now.

    Weird thing is I couldn't find the folder you told me to look for

    And I uninstalled the VobSub

    Still nothing is working -___-;
    And I blame it all on Zune for screwing up my computer system.

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