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Thread: brightness/contrast & framerate problem...

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    Question-2 brightness/contrast & framerate problem...

    Whenever I ripped DVDs in general to DivX... I experience brightness/contrast problems... mainly, the movie converted to DivX is too dark when compared to the DVD... also, the framerate isn't smooth. In intervals, a single frame would stall slightly, causing scrolling in the movie to appear messed up. It would be most helpful if you have information to have this problem. I use FlaskMPEG and SmartRipper to rip these DVDs to DivX.

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    Do you check the .vob's before encoding to DivX?
    (side note... you can the adjust the viewing qualities of the video in WMP)

    As far as your frame consistancy (or the lack of), you might be using too few keyframes in your encoding process.

    It's been my experience that rapid field changes and the conversion from 29.97 fps to 23.976 fps and low keyframe intervals cause this problem. Also you may want to make sure that you are using the scene detect patch plug-in as well..

    Consult a few different bitrate calculators (if you are not doing so already) to ensure that you are setting the best rate:quality:file size ratio that you are looking for..

    Of course this is just my opinion......


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