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Thread: Media Subtitler - Russian Subtitles

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    Default Media Subtitler - Russian Subtitles

    Hello to all,

    I have a SubRip file with Russian subtitles, and am having problems 1) Previewing the subtitles on Media Subtitler and 2) Converting the SubRip file into a SubStationAlpha file, in order to dub them onto the video with Virtual Dub.

    In Media Subtitler's "General Settings", I have selected "Language and Encoding" and changed the "Subtitle Character Set" to "Russian", which enables me to view the subtitles in Russian on the left of the screen when I open the SubRip file. But when I click on one of the subtitles, random characters appear in the white window on the bottom left of the screen instead of Russian characters. These random characters are what I see on the video when I try to preview the film.

    When I go to "General Settings," then "Subtitle Preview Settings," then "Font" and change the script to "Cyrillic" and click "OK", this changes nothing; if I return immediately to "General Settings/Subtitle Preview Settings/Font/Script", the script is once again listed as "Western," the fact that I just tried to change it to "Cyrillic" is not registered.

    The same sort of problem occurs when I save the SubRip subtitle file into a SubStation Alpha file: I try to change the Font Script from Western to Cyrillic, click "OK," return to the Font window and it is back to Western again.

    I would be grateful for any help.

    Thank you,


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    Please ensure your Regional Settings are set to use the Russian charset as well, this is explained here.

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