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Thread: Sony Coy on Rumors of PS3 Chip Division Sale

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    Default Sony Coy on Rumors of PS3 Chip Division Sale

    Sony is denying reports that it will sell its production facilities for advanced chips used in the PS3 to Toshiba. A deal reportedly would likely include lines for fabricating the Cell, which Sony co-developed with Toshiba and IBM for the PS3, as well as image-processing chips for game consoles and camcorders.

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    "Although there was a report that our company will sell large-scale integrated circuit production lines to Toshiba, nothing has been decided," Sony said in a statement over the weekend.
    Is Sony desperate for money, or is this just part of business? But while Toshiba and Sony are competitors in the HD arena, lot of these Japanese companies work together to produce new technology, such as the Cell chip, so the rivalries are not so clear cut.
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