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Thread: DRM advocates getting nervous about consumer backlash

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    Default DRM advocates getting nervous about consumer backlash

    You all know the slogan: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." At the Digital Rights Strategies conference in New York City, a similar message could be heard: "DRM doesn't anger consumers, content owners abusing DRM anger consumers."

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    Then, of course, there's the hypocrisy. At a conference convened by the overlords of DRM, Sony vice president Scott Smyers admits that he circumvents the copy protection on DVDs (CSS) in order to make backups for personal use. Apparently Mr. Smyers doesn't agree with Hollywood or the Register of Copyrights, both of which argue that "backups" can readily be had in the form of new copies you can buy at the store. The corporate hypocrisy is obvious: what the corporate parent demands (DRM that prevents DVD copying), even its own employee disregards. We can't blame him.

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    Let's look into the future a little, a dvd burner in every computer, a computer in every home, the writing is on the wall, you don't have to be a soothsayer to read it.

    Now if they would outlaw dvd burners and have everybody turn there's in, that would solve the problem.

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    Now if they would outlaw dvd burners and have everybody turn there's in, that would solve the problem.
    Then we get back the "gun" reference in the OP....burners would be sold on the black market and the pirates would be getting rich since they would be the sole source. Of course you'd have to eliminate all the downloading too.

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    Making alcohol illegal just led to more alcohol being consumed.

    Making DVD copying legal might reduce the bootlegging a bit then, why can't the government learn from the past?
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