At CEATEC Japan 2007, when it was Universal Pictures' (Japan) turn to present on stage, a slide provided by Universal Pictures Japan seems to suggest that titles such as Babe, Back to the Future Trilogy, Casper, Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws and Jurassic Park are among the major catalog titles that will be available on HD DVD in the future.

It's been said that Spielberg is not a big fan of HD DVD, and the only one of his movie scheduled to be released is Close Encounters on Blu-ray (the movie was released by Columbia TriStar, a Sony owned studio). But the question remains who owns movies such as Jurassic Park and ET, the studio (Universal, which is HD DVD exclusive) or Spielberg.

With that said, Spielberg it always pretty late onto the next-gen video scene ... remember how long it look his films to appear on DVD?