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Thread: YouTube launches long-awaited video piracy blocker

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    Default YouTube launches long-awaited video piracy blocker

    YouTube on Monday put in place software to block the posting of pirated videos and appease content owners that accuse the popular website of being a willing accomplice to copyright abuses.

    YouTube Video Identification is billed as an anti-piracy platform custom built with the help of Google, which bought YouTube last year in a 1.65 billion dollar stock deal.

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    It's so interesting you said that. I joined them a couple of years ago and I uploaded a some clips of my own and some I found on the internet from funny sites. I agree the ones from other sites were forbidden but they deleted my home-movie clips as well and banned me. When I asked them why they had to ban me without a warning and why they never do the same to others that post copyrighted material they ignored me. I never grassed on anyone personally, I only mentioned there's so much copyrighted footage on there and some was obscene. I e-mailed them again and told them about the obscene stuff because I forgot to mention it earlier they ignored me again. It's still there because I monitored You Tube for a couple of weeks. That was when I quit on You Tube because I thought what's the point in uploading home-movie clips as well when that leads to a ban. What an insult from them.

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