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Thread: The Most Powerful-sounding DVD Discs?

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    Default The Most Powerful-sounding DVD Discs?

    Does anyone know the most powerful-sounding DVD disc? I found out something interesting. When I play back a TV recording in my DVD recorder hard drive and then play the same bit on a DVD disc after dubbing the sound quality is so low and I up to turn the volume about 30% higher and when I try the same bit from my hard drive it's blasting out way too loud. So far I've only found this out with Sony and TDK discs and they are not cheap quality versions from computer fares or cheap-selling web sites. I bought them from decent shops. I know I ran down DVD HD and Blu-ray the other day saying how much better can the sound and and picture quality get any better from DVD itself but that doesn't mean I'm upgrading to DVD HD or Blu-ray for many reasons.

    Many thanks.


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    I doubt the media being used is making the change in the audio levels after dubbing. I use a variety of blank media and never encounter a level difference.

    How are you dubbing from the DVD HDD unit to the DVD disc? Do you use a digital link between the two devices or use the analog in's on the DVD burner, or have your DVD HDD unit plugged into a PC then create the DVD?

    Using the digital domain to make the dub should not change audio levels at all, that is unless you have the audio output set for 5:1 or something and it is not muxing properly (mixdown 5:1 to 2) to provide the 2 channel mix for the DVD recorder. If the recorder can encode and print to disc 5:1 or higher it should transfer correctly from the source.

    In the analog world, it must mux (mix) the 5:1 or higher audio down to the standard 2 channel audio. Again it should not make a huge difference in levels, perhaps a little bit but not 30 percent difference! If the analog world is being used for the dub, check your DVD-HDD unit's analog output levels and see if it can be adjusted so that the line level outputs have the proper level to compensate for the difference your encountering.

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    I am convinced that the blank media has nothing to do with it. If your blank media would have been a crap, both Audio and Video data will be corrupted, and you will never get a continuous loss, it will be random. Furthermore, while burning if you keep the option "Verify" checked, that will clearly tell you the integrity of the written data in comparison with the master.

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