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Thread: Review: Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT graphics processor

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    Default Review: Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT graphics processor

    One big change is the integration of the external display chip that acted as a helper to the G80. The G92 natively supports twin dual-link DVI outputs with HDCP, without the need for a separate display chip. That ought to make G92-based video cards cheaper and easier to make. Another change is the inclusion of the VP2 processing engine for high-definition video decoding and playback, an innovation first introduced in the G84 GPU behind the GeForce 8600 lineup. The VP2 engine can handle the most intensive portions of H.264 video decoding in hardware, offloading that burden from the CPU.

    3D performance seems excellent when compared to Radeon HD and the 320 MB version of the 8800 GTS and is on the same level as the more expensive 640 MB version of the 8800 GTS. Also from here:

    It says that playback of a 36 Mbps H.264 clip showed 0% CPU usage.

    And if you want the perfect home theatre setup, a passive cooling version of the card is available too:

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